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In-Shore SportFishing in Costa Rica

What can you expect to get in the fertile blue waters along the lush coast of Costa Rica? If you decide to stay close to the coast, you are sure to find lots of snapper, who like rocky areas left by the volcanic history of Costa Rica. Snappers find up can weigh 60 pounds and are captured throughout the year.

Snook are other fish throughout the year are close to the coast; These fish feed on fish and crustaceans near the reefs and wrecks that dot the coast and usually grow up to 20-30 pounds smaller. The rooster is one of the most famous fish of Costa Rica, as well as one of the most prized catch. Most rooster caught off the coast of Costa Rica weighs 20-40 pounds, while those weighing 50 pounds are not uncommon from. These fish are known fighters, so an exciting capture for new and experienced even fishermen.

We can organize Costa Rica sport fishing trips for any number of anglers and a number of different sightseeing charters to remote tropical beaches, waterfalls and uninhabited islands.

Deep-Water SportFishing in Costa Rica

If you decide to venture into deep water off the coast, you will discover a new world of fishing just 30-60 minutes from shore. blue marlin and sailfish and black are among the largest and most desirable sport fishing in the deep waters of Costa Rica, from 150 to 500 pounds.

Yellowfin is a potentially huge new outlet, with strong growth such as 200 pounds and well known that some fish strongest in the sea. Hang a pilgrim is a unique and exhilarating experience of these fish often take the fight out of water, to test their fishing skills as they jump and run on your line. An adult can be pilgrim as long as ten feet and weigh up to 100 pounds or more, with spectacular prices at any time of the year.

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